Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Pig in a Blanket"

I patiently keep an "eye" my adversary, keeping my paws on the blanket

I hide quickly so as to confuse the enemy!
I peek to keep an eye on my adversary!
Suddenly the battle is on! I twist and turn, grabbing and biting!
But the tide turns against me and suddenly
everything goes dark and I have lost the battle.
Is it dark in here or is it just me?


Peanut said...

So glad you guys are back. I hope Dottie gets over being depressed poor gal. I wish I could fit under the bed. Hey I like to play pigs in a blanket also but my mom calls it being annoying.

the Corgi Girls said...

We haven't tried playing in the bed like that! Dad usually tries that move on us, wrapping us up in the blankies... hrmph... Dads...

M & I

Mango said...

What a little nut you are. Hope you found your way out OK.