Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home from the Kennel

Dad came and got us from lock-up yesterday morning. At first we were really excited to go to the kennel at the vet's office because we love everyone there. But after a day we were tired of all the barking and we missed Mum and Dad. Then they trimmed our nails and I nipped one of the technicians because I really hate having my nails clipped. Dottie didn't like it much either. Cooper didn't have to have his done, lucky dog! They sent report cards home with us and we got A's for good behavior but you can tell we were not happy. We pee'd plenty but only Dottie did poopies. Coop and I decided to hold it until we got home.

We were so happy to see Dad we practically drove the car home! But we were tired too because we were off our schedule. Dottie got really depressed. I think she thought we were going to stay there forever. Mum came home at lunch time to say "hi!" and that helped a bit. When she got home last night she was all over us with love and hugs but Dottie still was depressed so Mum gave her extra pets and a rub down. I don't like Dottie but seeing her depressed is the pits. Mum said she will be better in a day or so. I hope so.

Mum changed the bed last night and since Cooper was under the bed catching z's, I thought I would help Mum in her endeavor. Next thing you know there were quilts flying and I was killing whatever it was inside the quilt (was that Mum's hand?) and rolling around like a little sausage. Mum said we were playing "pig in a blanket" which I am not so sure was a compliment.

It is good to be home!
Check out Cooper sleeping in his man-cave

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the Corgi Girls said...

We can't tell what's what in that pic of coop, his golden locks really hide him!

We hope Dots feels better soon! Cheer her up Doz!

M & I