Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Scored More Chewies

Apparently Mum's sense of humor does not extend to dogs grabbing an entire loaf of bread (in the bag) and whisking it off the counter. Boy did she lose her sense of humor on that one! Anyway, I circled around the kitchen this morning, looking for prey and Mum stood there with her arms crossed. She obviously has become slightly psychic and was waiting for me to make my move. It became a war of wills and unfortunately a dental chewie was my undoing.

Cooper and Dottie took their chewies outside and then Coop came back in and parked behind a chair and chewed. I ate mine on the couch and then got a second one to keep me occupied while everyone else ate theirs. Would have preferred the loaf of bread but you know Mothers...they have these food budgets and they don't like to share. How fun is that?

Mum emailed the Canidae folks to see if they hand out coupons for their kibble. We are racing through a bag a month and it would be nice to have some help if the company has such things. Not that Mum would change brands - Cooper and Dottie like it and it is easy for them to eat. And I am partial to it as well. Actually, I am partial to any fud, alive or dead.

Look! I can eat my chewie with no paws involved!


Willow the Black Dale said...

Oh thank you for stopping by! We love meeting new friends!! We are going to add you to our friends list.
My mom says this is soooo cool because she grew up with a Corgi named Cookie. Great memories! When she saw your blog she got this big goofy grin!!
Our new Wheely Melitta was made for us by Penny, Poppy and Patch's mom. She makes them for your breed. My mom....doesn't have enough talet for that!! teehee. Come back to our page and hit their blog! They have a cool one!! Until next time....slobbers on!


River said...

Hi Dozer,
I stopped in to say hi! I think it's amazing you can chew a rawhide with no paws! We have a dalmatian who will get things off the counter for us (like bread) and then we feast!! My mom's not happy about it either. I'd like to be friends!

love & wags,

Peanut said...

Oh hahaha mom is laughing a bag of food a month hahaha Flash and I go through two bags a month and that is with raw thrown into the mix. Granted we are much bigger dogs though. We hope they give out coupons every little bit helps. Hmm I wonder if we don't get as many treats because we eat so much food?

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL! Too funny, at least you scored two by being a super fast chewer! Izzie is the fast one of the two of us... but Mum is stingy with the treats and makes sure everything is fair between us, even for me, the slow gal, BOL!

M & I