Friday, June 20, 2008

Lazy, Dazy Summer Days

We're pretty sure Mum thinks we are tearing up the carpet when she leaves or that we're outside running rampant around the apple tree, but in reality, we pretty much nap while she is out. We have found the couch to be a perfect medium for napping - plenty of space to stretch out, two levels if you use the cushions right, and a good view of the front yard in case burglars come. Coop seems to be able to bend his neck into the most extraordinary positions, while I favor the "lie on your back, always ready for a tummy rub" stance myself.

We have our friend Robert visiting this weekend and he is always good for some ball throwing, extra treats and general misbehavior. Last night both Cooper and I got sips of Rum & Cokes when no one was looking. You cannot believe how upset our bipeds were with that! They stopped putting their beverages on the ground and wagged their finger at us - yeah, like that's going to stop us! BOL! Have to love those pawrents even if they work under misconceived ideas, bless their little hearts.

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Peanut said...

So what does a rum and coke taste like?