Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Bidpeds, We'll Keep Them

Dad finally got around to staining the deck for us. He took everything off the deck and then had our Uncle Robert help him. Uncle Robert is visiting from Seattle and is really a joy to have around. He plays with us endlessly and is always ready for someone to sit on his lap. Last night he put his Rum & Coke on the ground while he used the laptop outside and I got a nice long drink out of it. Dad did the same thing and Cooper shot right in and got his drink. The bipeds get incredibly upset when we do this because alcohol is supposed to be really bad for animals. Oh contrare I say! I love Coca Cola and Rum, it is nice and sweet and gives me a buzz. Which may be why they won't let me drink. Mum says I am like a two-year old on amphetamines on a normal day and I don't need any more sugar to wire me like a soundstage.
Check out Dad and Uncle Robert. They put my webcam outside so Mum could watch them while she was at work. We were locked in the house because Dad said we would get sticky feet and be in the way outside. We have our cow hooves to chew on but it really is a bit boring on the whole. There had better be a walk to compensate is all I have to say!

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Peanut said...

Did you get your walk?