Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good-Bye to Uncle Bob

We said good-bye to Uncle Bob today. He is heading home to Seattle and we will now have to coerce our bipeds into throwing the ball and generally spoiling us.

Last night we had a lot of ball throwing and sitting outside on the swing. It was one of those mild summer evenings you dream of. Dad filled up my wading pool which was handy for a drink and a quick foot wash between runs after the ball.

Cooper got a paper towel roll to chew on - I think that is his comfort fud. He likes to chew and then rolls the little pieces of cardboard on his tongue for a bit. But toilet paper remains his favorite munch food. Me? I am a kibble boy.

Mom used the new dehydrator last night and made sweet potato crisps for us. They came out very well and we had quite a few after breakfast. Now she has apple slices baking for us. I am loving this! Now if we could have some meat products that would be perfect!

Cooper and his paper towel snack.

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Peanut said...

My mom needs to get a new dehydrator and make us some treats