Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards - A Time for Indoor Snow!

So Mum was being so boring tonight sitting at the kitchen table doing the family Christmas cards. I sat under her chair with my head on her foot but didn't get much attention from her. She seemed driven to get them done - she is a terrible procrastinator (not!). I kept telling her we could do it tomorrow or even next week. But she kept saying "shush!" because she was listening to The Golden Compass on her iPod. I hate it when the pawrents multi-task like that!

Eventually Mum realized it was incredibly quiet in the house...in fact, too quiet for that matter. She got up very quietly and looked down the hallway and Cooper had taken a roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom and was destroying it in the hallway. It was great! Just like snow inside the house. Mum started laughing and laughing until she cried! That was all the encouragement I needed and I took off like a rocket and grabbed the roll and brought it into the living room for a fight to the death. It was no contest and I had the toilet roll on the ropes and down for the count in no time.

Cooper meanwhile did some clean-up work in the hallway and then made his way into the living room to find the remnants of what was once the roll of toilet paper. I find once the battle is over I have no further need to the remains. Cooper, on the other hand, enjoys actually eating the enemy and leaving very little trace of the former evil alien once known as "TP". So Coop tossed a bunch of the toilet paper around and then sat and had a short snack of what was left.

The Christmas cards? Oh, Mum never did get those done! Aroooo! BOL!

One dead toilet roll 12-11-2007


the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, you two team up very nicely we see, it doesn't surprise us! We are the same way Doz, once its destroyed, we don't find the need to eat it for some reason... although if its anything remotely edible, it would be scarfed down in a second!

Moms, Christmas cards, sheez, when will they get their priorities straight?! BOL!

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi ya Friends! We saw you joined DWB & sniffed over to check ya’ll out! woohoo looks like fun can we play too! our favorite thingy to do, good work.

Nice bloggie. If you like to accept a Christmas Spirit Ball Award sniff on over.

waggin TX tail & barking loud

ilovepearly said...

Hahahaha...at least it kept you busy!

Peanut said...

Oh mom says there are worse things you could have gotten into and at least you had fun

restingrabbit said...

Oh Peanut! You always see the bright side of things. Mummy says she wishes you were around to come vacuum all the little bits of TP that we left. Of course if she had stopped laughing that would have made it easier!