Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cousin Lou, A Big Cat

Mum went and visited our Uncle Andy and met his cat Lou. Uncle Andy works for the Oregon Zoo which makes him our favorite uncle. They have all sorts of wonderful poop at the Zoo and Uncle Andy has access to it all! Cooper keeps hoping that Uncle Andy will send us a kangaroo but I told Coop that packaging a roo to send is almost an impossibility. But I am pretty sure they have a lot of fish there and probably some small rodents. Anyway, Uncle Andy doesn’t actually work with all the animals but more on the Zoo Lights which is a HUGE display at Christmas and other times of the year. Uncle Andy does all the programming and design with the help of volunteers. Uncle Andy says his volunteers are great.

Anyway, Uncle Andy works out of a HUGE warehouse in NW Portland where they keep all the forms and lights. And he saw this man practically stomp this cat, Lou, to death. Fortunately Lou got away and hid in the warehouse and Uncle Andy has been taking care of him ever since. Lou eats two cans of wet fud every day and he has a lot of fur. He also has a lot of mats in his fur but in the spring Uncle Andy is going to get Lou a haircut and get rid of those mats. Right now it is too cold to do that and Lou doesn’t seem to be bothered with his mats.

We think Uncle Andy has a heart of gold to take in Lou. After all, who takes in a 14 year old stray cat that looks like a bad rug? So if we don’t get a roo for Christmas, at least we know Lou got what he wanted for the holiday, a new home where he is loved.

Check out Uncle Andy's Zoo Lights!

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Peanut said...

Oh man Lou looks about the same size as our cat Shelby. he eats two cans of food a day also. Your uncle Andy is a good good man. Mom says she didn't watch the video because it will make her miss home. She loves the Oregon (though she said something about it having a different name when she was younger) zoo. It's much better then some of the zoos she's been to she says.