Monday, November 19, 2007

Putting on the Cute

It is never too early to "put on the cute" in order to be first in line for Christmas presents. I find that the earlier the start, the better the presents. Eventhough Coop and I have three LARGE Rubbermaid containers of toys, clothes and grooming items, there are always new toys to be had. I particularly like my red dinosaur and my multi-color snake that are made of something just short of Kevlar. I think these TuffToys were made for Corgis because they take a lot of work to destroy. It took me a year to disembowel the snake and I have had no success with the dino. This is high praise coming from me. I have worked over that frappin' dinosaur from dawn to dusk and he still has his horns and tail. Cooper i sn't into destroying anything but paper. Mum thinks Coop survived on eating grass and paper somewhere in his life, so he tends t be totally food-oriented and not quite as play-oriented as moi. If my day job of napping, snacking and belly rubs doesn't work out, I am thinking of doing some freelance toy evaluations. Just not sure how one gets in line for those positions.

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the Corgi Girls said...

Dozer, we love you're site! Have you checked out the Dogs with blogs group?

It's a group of dog bloggers!

We're going to add you to our blog's sidebar, so we can visit more often, is that ok?