Friday, November 16, 2007

Cooper, my story

As you can read, my brother has some serious sibling issues with me. That said, I am happy to be part of a family again. Since I cannot speak English it is hard to relate my previous life. When my pawrents adopted me in September 2006, I was at Greenhill Animal Shelter which was my “second chance”. I was in another shelter slated for euthanasia and Greenhill stepped in and gave me a “second chance”. I was adopted out twice but the first time the animal control folks found me out on the streets within a week or two and brought me back to Greenhill. Then a nice lady adopted me but wasn’t able to take care of me and the police brought me back to Greenhill. All this really upset me and I got ear infections and diarrhea and began a cycle of being sick. Greenhill thought about putting me into foster care or transferring me to Portland so perhaps more folks might see me and adopt me. Fortunately, my mother was perusing and saw me one night. She called Greenhill and they told her I was quarantined with something nasty that made me poop all over. Mum kept calling – for three weeks – and finally one Friday, Greenhill called and Mum left work and Dad left work and they came down and got me. Greenhill wanted to be sure that this would be my final adoption and my pawrents promised nothing I did or could do would make them return me to Greenhill. (And they were not kidding!)

So I got a new collar and leash from Greenhill and they brought me out front and my pawrents took me home.

The next day Mum took me to my new veterinary hospital, The Ark, on Applegate Street. We pulled in at 11am and did not leave until 1:30pm. I had a lot of problems – ear infection, fleas (a lot of those!), need for vaccinations, and other things. I got some shots and Mum took me home. I smelled really, really bad from living in the Greenhill kennel so Mum put me in the shower with her and gave me my first bath. I looked a lot like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz when I came out. I definitely smelled better!

My brother and I get along okay. Dozer wishes I had never show up, but I love him. I actually love everything and everyone. Dozer is a little pickier about who he showers his affection on. I guess I came into his life to teach him patience and love.

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