Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Eat a Zucchini by Cooper Edwards

I got a zucchini from Mum to chew on. It was most delicious.
 First I rolled it in the grass but I almost lost it because it was green and blended into the grass.
 One must keep a firm grasp on the zucchini lest it roll away or be taken by strangers.
 As I got to end of my nom, nom good zucchini I had to get down on its level.
 I ate the zucchini chips at the very end, had a slight belch and fart (which Mum said sounded very wet) and called it a lovely snack.
See the trail we have made in the yard? See Dozer at the end of the trail by the tree? He was a very bad corgi last week and is still earning his way back into Mum's good graces. He attacked me to get the apple I had and we had a giganormous fight. He bit my neck but I gave him a "what for" below his left eye and left a big ol'divet! Mum was not happy and now Dozer has to earn everything from breakfast to walks to play. He is also taking "Good Traveler" tablets twice a day (as Julie our trainer suggested) because it will tone down his dominance issues and help with his attitude adjustment. Dozer apologized to me and even cleaned up my neck and ear for me. He said not to tell Mum because she would think he was a baby.

So we are all fine now and we are working on better manners. Mum even let Dozer attack the hose (the hose is stil safe which should tell you something about Dozer's fighting skills).

Dozer needs his nails clipped. He's getting that done later this week but Mum said not to tell him.

Lots of love from Cooper.


Mango said...

Well, foodables can make one a bit crazy. And an apple? That is enough to send even a well mannered dog over the top. But it sounds like a bit of an unfortunate escalation, so I am happy that you are both working on your manners.


Corbin said...

Ohhh, Zucchini! I stole one of those from the counter a few weeks ago! YUM! My mom is very fond of your blog and glad we came across it. My Aunt Maggie was a beautiful cocker spaniel and we just lost her last Monday. She was 15.5 and a surely wonderful pup! So there's a soft spot in moms heart for Cooper!

Peppy Sheppys said...

Oh my Dozer. We are generally quite good but have the occasional what for over toys or foodables. Your zucchini looks most good. All of us boys love us some raw veg. Maybe we'll raid the ma ape's garden for some zukes and cukes.

OBST, Otis & Edgrr (Ethel does not co-sign on the veg thing).

Kari in WeHo said...

MMM zucchini! I hope the fights stop soon!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

We went through the dreaded toe nail sanding procedure (ordeal) Sunday night. Jim and I tag teamed the corgi kids, and fed them biskeys throughout. ain't simple when it comes to "mindful" doggies, eh?