Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Week's Recap

Cooper ran away this past week. Mum was working in the front garden and he took off down the street and made a bee-line for the park. Mum went slightly bananas and jumped into the dog-mobile and started scooting around the neighborhood. A neighbor lady recognized the miscreant (that is what Cooper is) and was holding him when Mum rolled up. Cooper wasn't the least bit sorry and had to be bribed to get in the car.

I phoned the authorities and Cooper is going to SuperMax the minute they have an opening.

Then Cooper stole a roll of toilet paper and took it under the bed and has been munching on it. There is toity paper everywhere! And again, he is not in the least big apologetic for his misbehavior!

Mum got the garden in but it won't last long. We love to graze through the veggies. She uses these lame fences which are worthless. But it seems to make her happy to put the fences up so who are we to argue?

(No that is not a regulation size wheelbarrow. Mum found it at a flea market and thought it was cute. Whatever.)

We suspect having ten tomato plants might be a tad too many, but no one listens to us. Fortunately, we find cherry tomatoes delectable.

This is me checking the yard for intruders.

This is her majesty, Dottie, the Queen of our ranch-style castle.

The weather has been wild this week. Every day it rains, hails, then the clouds clear and it is bright and sunny. Just when you think the weather has passed, it rains again and the wind picks up. It is most disconcerting!

Love, Dozer


River said...

Wow, we didn't know Cooper had it in him. Must be the wind. My mom doesn't like tomatoes but she loves to grow them, go figure.

love & wags,

Janice and Gerald said...

I haven't had much chance to catch up with your blog lately, Dozer, with all of the building (we now have windows), preparation for the influx of friends/family and of course wedding arrangements. I'm glad to see that you're all doing well, although I can not understand why Coop would make a break for it. And leave paradise? It makes no sense! :o)
Big Canadian Hugs - Janice & Gerald

the booker man said...

your bro cooper was sure being gutsy this past week! i can't believe he tried to make a run for it! did he see a squirrel or somthingie? i can understand the TP,'s hard to resist.
try to stay out of your mama's garden. she might let you nibble on some of the super delicious noms that grow!! is your mama gonna make tomato sauce with all those tomatoes she's gonna get?
the booker man

The Thundering Herd said...

Coop - Any chance you part Siberian Husky? Just sounds like our style.

Aksharaa said...

Hey Dozer, You sure had a very interesting and busy week.we agree, Cooper looks more content than apologetic!
we love ur ranch style castle. and those tomatoes!mummy loves tomatoes and uses them in almost evry dish she prepares!!
wags, Bud n Gin

Pearl said...

Cooper, cooper, cooper... I would like to hear your side of this tale. I have a feeling that Dozer had something to do with all of your naughty behavior! Surely, he did!

Dory and the Mama said... dull moments in your house Dozer. I think a lock down is definitely in order for Cooper...

Smileys & Snuggles!
Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

ocmist said...

Sounds like Cooper had some fun... what's the matter Dozer, are you ticked that you didn't think of it first?!

Grammy LOVES tomatoes and has some growing, too... she just hopes that nothing got frost bitten on Saturday night when the temps dropped so low around here. There was SNOW on the hills just above us. You guys are further North than we are. Did you get snow this past weekend. Hope your Mom was able to save the tomatoes if you did!!! The Country Corgi Crew

The Two Country Poodles said...

It's not good to go on adventures without your mom Cooper. Our weather has been a bit crazy too.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo