Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun - Dozer

So Mum and Dad got a new bathtub/shower and had to empty out the bathroom. This seemed like a wonderful opportunity to grab the bath brush and take it apart. It had (notice the use of the past tense) this tulle crap rolled into a bun, which came apart like a stream of snot. I had Cooper sit by my masterpiece when I was done. (Made him look like the guilty party).
Unfortunately Mum was not so easily fooled. Apparently she had a surveillance camera going and she got this action shot. Whatever. I'll claim I was trying to save Cooper from choking or something.

Dottie is sleeping almost all the time now so she missed most of the fun. I put my chicken toy by her in case she woke up and was lonely. Most of the fluff had come out of him and was on the floor but Dottie didn't notice. Mum says we have to be extra nice to Dottie because she is slowing down and is in pain some days.

I hope this doesn't mean Dottie is leaving or anything. I don't like her. But I do love her.


River said...

Old doggies sleep a lot--I know that from experience. And they are grumpy if you don't notice them when you are running and playing and accidentally smush them.

That was a good dismembering act on the toilet swisher thing. I think your explanation is really believeable.

love & wags,

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's quite a masterpiece you created there, I mean Cooper. *wink*

Poor Dottie...if we were there we'd snuggle up to her and keep her warm.

The Thundering Herd said...

Excellent destructo work - and enough confusion about who actually did what. That is our style.

Mango said...

Poor Dott. She is getting tired.

Nice work on that dumb bathroom thing. Looks like it was meant to be.


Wild Dingo said...

ya, we hope dottie doesn't leave either. nice of you to leave the chicken. nice job on the toilet thingie. work of art!
wild dingo

dewdana said...

Poor dottie! I love old doggies but it is always so sad to watch them get old- I know that makes no sense!
Be extra nice to her Dozer... one day you will be an old man and you will want the whipper snappers to take it easy on you!
Impressive about the scrubber thing, sorry you were caught red pawed!

ocmist said...

It makes us sad to think that Dottie might have to leave someday... Mom cries when she thinks that might happen with Mama OC, too. OC IS doing better, though, since she started taking Dr. Frank's Joint Pain Relief, and that gives Mom some hope that she will be around for a while yet.

We do know what you mean about older dogs getting grouchy though because Mama OC usually is... especially around the pups, but then they don't tend to watch what they are doing when they are playing and bump into everybody and everything, so she just tells them to stay away from her all together! BG