Friday, November 6, 2009

Housekeeping Items

Mum says I need to clarify a couple of points, so let's begin shall we?

First, "someone" did not just come up with the muffin tin game. That "someone" is Moose who lives at so you should definitely stop by and say hi to the Moose-meister.

Second, I am not caged all the time and I do get to take my cone off. (See above photo for confirmation).

Third, I am not actually starving. I have gotten a deer hoof, rawhide chewies, carrots and celery to stave off my hunger pangs in addition to my regular meals.

I hope this straightens out any misconceptions you may have from reading of my world-famous blog. And the only reason I am publishing this entry is because my Mother made me.


dewdana said...

Well glad to hear all of that, espescially about you not being starved though I am pretty sure celery only makes you more hungry! ;-)
We really appreciate the nod too but we got the idea from Honey the dane who got it from someone we don't know so really we can't take credit! We will but we really shouldn't! As long as you are having fun with it that is all that matters. Moose & I have a soft spot for other knee troubled buddies so any thing we can do to make the time go quicker is our pleasure!
Did you see the jug I mentioned?
Since weight is an issue during recovery I used to put diced carrots in there and he still went nuts for it!

Hoover said...

Hey Dozer,

I beleive you about gettin out of the cage and cone cause you put up a picture to prove it. Since you say your human made you all that other stuff I have to remain skeptical. And I really want to see the deer hoof. How did get a deer hoof? I try and try to catch those guys but they are fast!

Hang in there big guy!

Hoover BPD

Pearl said...

Aren't mothers just a pain in the rear end? No need to clarify. We all know that your sweet and perfect self is being tortured. Hope Howie is getting those meatloafs to you soon.

Dory and the Mama said...

At least you got some ear scritches out of the deal. Tell your Mama we want to see daily ear scritch pictures to let us know you are ok!!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor, poor Dozer! We missed yesterday's post and had to backtrack to it.....WE think you should have banged that muffin tin against your cage, you know, like they do in those prison movies? We're thinkin' of ya pal. Oh, and as for today's post, since you typed it under duress I don't think we totally believe it. You're bored. You're starving. Hey, can you chew the carpet??

Martha and Bailey said...

Dozer you are too funny! We still feel very sorry for you!!!!
Moms can be a pain!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Two Country Poodles said...

Alright so we won't call the ASPCA but we still feel sad that you are sad little cone headed corgi! *Virtual Poodle Kisses*

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Mango said...

You obviously were forced to say those things under duress. How do we even know that is a recent photo? It could totally be from last year or something, right?

I would like to believe that you are not a caged conified starving pup, but need better evidence than that.


Puglette said...

hmmm...this sounds suspiciously like propaganda to me. dozer, we still think you are suffering bravely.

ClassyChassy said...

We still feel bad that you are cooped up, but we figure you were stretching the truth a little when you say you never get out of puppy prison!!! Your momma loves you!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Did your mom make you write this?
If you're a corgi, surely, you must be suffering terribly!!!!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!

you are looking good!
we sent you a gifty to you!

m & e