Saturday, November 7, 2009

In the Dog House - Dozer

I was feeling quite a bit frisky t his morning  because Mum let me sleep on the bed with her and Cooper. It was heavenly. I laid right next to her all night and listened to Coop snore like a train. That boy needs some nose surgery or something. I am sure they heard him in the next county.

So while Mum was in the shower, I grabbed one of Dad's shoes and did the whirly dance with it. Apparently that is a big "No-No". I determined this by the high pitched whine eminating from Mum's vocal cords.

I was sent back to solitary for chewing on Dad's shoe. I didn't actually chew on it, just a lot of slobber. Did Mum ever pause long enough to think perhaps I was washing Dad's shoe? No...just assumes the worse. Sheesh!


Moose said...

I have a shoe fettish too Coop! I hear you are a fan of tug a jug too? Isn't it the best?
I have noticed momma gets all squeally about random things whenever I wear my blue donut collar, I wonder if they are related? Hope your sentance is reduced for good behavior.
p.s. I popped my blue collar last time I had to use it so momma just let me go collar free! Maybe you can get Dozer to bite it and set you free!

Angela said...

Oh no Dozer!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Dozer,'re your own worst enemy!
Now be good!

chicamom85 said...

I hear you, they never stop to ask or think, they just assume the worst.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Mango said...

Was she mad because of the shoe or because you were dancing on your boo boo leg? Glad to see you out of jail anyway.


P.S. Momma took off my cone while she was making breakfast and I checked out my tutoring site and she went all crazy on me. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dozer....just for slobbering on a shoe? Geesh, your parents are strict. Of course it could be because they spend a bazillion dollars on your knee....HEY! Does that make you the Bazillion Dollar Dog? You know, like that antique TV show about that guy??

Martha and Bailey said...

Dozer, your mom just doesn't understand!
We know you were taking special care of the shoe ...... Martha likes to make sure our humans shoes are thoroughly cleaned!
It's a dog's life!
Martha & Bailey xxx

River said...

Yeah, do something nice for humans and do they appreciate it?? No!!

love & wags,

Pearl said...

Oh Dozer, do try to behave yourself! No zooming around, ok??

Moco said...

I thought you had a mail order business for shoe washing. What is your mom thinking.