Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shhh Sleepy Sunday!

We had a terrific thunderstrom this morning at 3:15am. There are unsubstantiated rumors that I slept on top of Mum and Cooper slept under the bed during the lightening and thunder. (I was keeping Mum safe, nothing more) Cooper jumped ship and went under the bed where he was scared all by himself. I knew this because I heard him snoring. (Mum is rolling her eyes, whatever that means).

Dottie was zonked out in the laundry room and never heard or saw a thing. Consequently, today will be spent in catching up on lost sleep.This is me with my red dinosaur. Notice the juxtaposition of our legs? Yeah, I know, I do have an artsy fartsy side.This is Cooper napping because he never slept - scaredy cat! It's the snorgle monster! Cooper took over the comfy chair and is sawing z's.

Cooper has to go to the groomer at 10am because he has turned into a shaggy mess. Mum wouldn't tell you this but I will - Coop needs his bum trimmed up. He has been coming into the house with poo stuck to his bum and then he scoots on the floor and leaves racing tracks! BOL! Mum always cleans it up but she said we need to nip this. Well duh!


chicamom85 said...

I am also afraid of storms and will try to hide anywhere I can. Coop I will say doggy prayers for you. I get the poop stuck on the butt hairs thing also. I scoot, well you have to. What do they expect. It is so humiliating to have your butt trimmed and looked at . I wish you well, think good thoughts and I hope it goes fast.Mom and I have an award for you!

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Katie, Mollie and Bobo said...

I feel your pain doggies. I hide under the bed also and my grandma takes us to sit under the carwash...Momma and Mollie don't seem to mind them and sometimes sit on the front porch to watch them roll in....


Twix said...

Storms don't bother me too much unless it is thundering loud enough to rattle the windows. Yep, it happens living in tornado alley. I also don't have to have my rear trimmed. The only thing I have trimmed is my nails and I hate that so I can only imagine what you go through with the other....Sorry. We had storms early this morning too and it is still rainy. Maybe your storms made it here.
Love and hugs,

Martha Basset said...

We hate thunder storms too - hope they are finished now so you can catch up with your zzzzzzz.
Mum once had a shetland collie who had to have his fur clipped around his rear end for the same reason as Cooper. Things could get unpleasant in that area so we do empathise!
Martha & Bailey xxx

Anonymous said...

BOL!!!! Racing tracks! Doesn't he know that he's supposed to leap forward when he drops the last drop so it won't stick to him? How funny. Oh, sorry Coop.



Mango said...

Cooper, you need to get some projectile action going. Then your poo would not stick to your furs. I hope that your butt shave doesn't look too odd. Very personal place for sharp objects to go.


Painter Pack said...

Racing tracks!!! How funny!!! I don't care about storms here, but others in the house are less enthusiastic about them....Happy ZZZZ's!!! And good luck on that butt thing!!!!


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

good job protecting mom during the thunder storm - we dont protect mom - but maybe we should

hope coppers trim went well

woodrow sweetie mj

Nancy Medina said...

Dear DozerPants and CooperBumScooper and DottieBelly: This here is your good pal, Howie Pee. I am STILL locked up in the PrisonCrate with the Cone of Shame. Maw left her celly phone on the counter so I am contacting you with it using her rollover minutes. She said I should be GRATEFUL she hasn't posted a picture of me like this on the blog. Sheesh. She should GRAPEFUL I don't call the puglice on her! Anyway, that's real sad yer maw don't like poop stuck to your butt Cooper. I like tracking interestin stuff like that into the house myself. But enough about you guys, GIT ME OUTTA HERE!!! *bangs tin cup on bars*
Your Friend,
Prisoner PeePants

ocmist said...

Poor old Coop! Remember not to wiggle and to suck it in while they are shaving you so they don't get skin! Nana, Mom's mother, had pomeranians and they had the same problems, so Mom usually ended up cleaning and trimming them for her. She says it's a NASTY job! YEAH!!! for the dog TOO!

Thunder sounds like guns and with the idiot hunters that come through this area, it is always a good idea to hide when you hear LOUD BANGS! OC