Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's not pretty here - Dozer Laments

Things are not good here. Dottie is using up all my stuffie money on visits to the vet! Yesterday she went for her check-up to see if her bladder is happy again (it is). But when they took her x-rays they saw her colon was full of all sorts of things and they needed to "move things along" - suffice to say, it cost a bunch more money and now Mum has to add olive oil to her meals. Dottie got to stay for the whole day and came home with more Heart Guard for those bad heart worms which we take medicine to keep away. And there was more expensive canned food too. Mum said not to look at the checkbook register or I might faint. (This is a picture of me practicing biting Dottie's head off).

Is it me or do you think Mum is out of her head to keep taking Dots to vet? My stuffie money is being spent on Dottie! I won't have any new toys at this rate!


Anonymous said...

what a bummer... but you don't want her to feel bad, do you?? find an empty box to play with! woof, tank

ClassyChassy said...

I feel bad for you, but since she takes such good care of Dottie, you can be assured that you will be well taken care of if something ever happens to you! RUFF LOVE!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
oh i am so glad dottie is feeling so much better! she is a strong corgi!

don't worry d- i know you will be getting some toys soon. :)


ocmist said...

Come on Dozer, I KNOW you wouldn't want anything really bad to happen to Dottie! ClassyChassy is right, too... Your Mom will take care of you in the same loving way she takes care of Dottie.

Your Mom should try plastic 20oz. drinking bottles for you to play with. We love to chase them and they are so noisily satisfying!!! Your Mom can even recycle them when they get to squished for you to play with! OC

Puglette said...

i think your mom is doing just fine. i am sure the stuffie population will increase soon and dottie will be nice and healthy so she can play with them too!

are you coming to seattle for pug mania? melissa will be there!