Saturday, April 4, 2009

She's a Pee'in Fool! - Notes from Dozer

We have been off the web for almost a week! Mum has no idea how my fan base relies on on constant massaging messages from me. (And why does she keep rolling her eyes when I say that?) But I digress..

Dottie is still sick but doing much, much better. The radiologist looked at her bladder stones/crystals and said the really big one should come out. But both Mum and Dr. Williams are taking a wait and see approach. Since Miss Dots has/had a major strep infection in her bladder she is on these really expensive antibiotics, which compliment her really expensive wet dog food. I hope she appreciates all this money being spent on her health because it is coming out of my toy budget and I see a dry season coming to the toy box if this continues much longer.

This all probably means I won't get my full clothing budget for the fall and all my friends are going to snicker at me when I wear the same fall coat I wore last year. Sheesh!

Speaking of clothes, Dottie put on her pink bandana for a quick photo shoot. She is telling Mum to give me more treats and food because I am starving. (Being sick hasn't kept Dots from being vocal about everything - geez she talks a lot!)
I think we have spent more than enough time on Dottie, let's talk about something really interesting, like me! (There goes Mum's eyes again, she should see someone about that.)

Cooper and I entered a contest at Linden Line Designs (
click here to visit). It was a caption contest and Cooper is good at things like that so I let him do the writing. And guess what? We won! Mum says not to get too excited - we may have been the only ones who submitted anything. I don't think that is true because Cooper says he is sure lots of dogs and cats enter each month. Anyway, you can enter this month's contest by clicking here and then you could win a dog collar. (You get to pick the fabric pattern and size.) Since I found the contest I should get the new collar but Cooper says Dottie should get it because she is the girl. Oh fine, whatever!
Anyway, Dottie is doing much better and she is peeing pretty much everywhere so Mum is shampooing the carpets almost every day. But Mum doesn't seem upset about it. She just smiles and says "it is all good". She never says that when I tear up toilet paper and peeing seems like it would be worse than little bits of paper all over the living room. I do not understand my mother at all.

Oh yeah, Cooper says "thank you" to all you wonderful bloggers who have been checking in on us and sending prayers, good thoughts and karma to Dots. I think if you really cared you would have sent me a box of dog cookies, but what do I know, I am just the lonely Corgi who never gets anything...


Totally Timmy said...

I thought you were off the blog because Dottie was worse..Phew..hope she continues to improve. Don't do that to us again!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Dozer!
We were worried about Dottie too and we're glad to hear that she's peeing all over the, you know what I mean. Good to have you back!


Janice and Gerald said...

We finally got Internet on Friday, after being unplugged for over a month. I was so sad to see that Dottie has been under-the-weather, but glad to hear that she's rallying. I'm sending loads of positive vibes her way. Give her a cuddle from us, please. And Dozer, you be extra nice to Miss Dottie ... okay?

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nancy!
oh what fabulous news! hug dottie for me and tell her we love her! she is such a strong girl!

congratulations on winning joan's contest!

melissa & emmitt

Moco said...

Glad to hear that Dottie is doing well. You are quite pathetic with all your whining over no toys or treats. But wait. We still have that plastic money card. An idea is a brewing.

River said...

Ooo, you are a sad little corgi sack. Good to hear that Dottie is better. My mom wouldn't mind the excessive peeing either as long as it meant somebody was getting well. Maybe you'll be rewarded for all your suffering, you never know!

love & wags,

Mango said...

I am glad Dottie is doing better.

Regarding that contest... a win is a win, right? I visited their bloggy, but I don't think they make stuff for full sized guys such as myself.


ocmist said...

So glad to hear that Dottie is doing better...and sorry to hear that you are being treated unfairly.

Our Dott is the one that is always complaining about things being unfair around here, and SHE gets treated like a princess!!!

I wonder why it is that old corgis like to bark... and bark... and BARK! My mama does that ALL the time around here and with my big ears, it HURTS! BG

AnimalNetworkMod said...

Hi Dozer, I'm new but I wanted to say that it's good to hear that Dottie is improving! And being sick always helps you not get in trouble because moms usually feel bad and won't yell at you too much. Maybe you'll get a special treat since you're so graciously lending your fall clothing budget to Dottie. :)

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Glad to hear that Dottie is feeling much better! I wish I could get smiles when I pee everywhere...sometimes I think Moms favour the girls more. *pouts*

Congrats on winning the contest! I hope you managed to get a very cool collar that you liked...*grins*


Tee said...

Glad to hear that dottie is better!
Its always tough when a family member is sick esp when there's only so much resources to go around. But you've been most magnanimous and patient Dozer.

Big Licks and Hugs

Tuffy of Dog Woods