Monday, April 27, 2009

I spent how much on dog toys?

Video length: 60 seconds
Cost of toys to date: Thousands and thousands.

Having spent a fortune on dog toys, I come to find out that Dozer thinks a plastic flower pot is the best toy he has ever had. (Dozer's coat is wet because he came in from playing in his pool out on the deck.)


Dances with Corgis said...

Good boy, Dozer! You get that flowerpot! :)

Super cute!

Mango said...

I liked the fancy toss in the air you did with that flower pot. Tell you mom to keep buying you toys, though, because they are fun too and you deserve lots of different stuffs to play with.

Glad to know that you have a pool to cool off in.


ClassyChassy said...

What a fun video! I enjoyed watching the corgi play time - amazing what they can do with a flower pot, eh? Such joy!

Anonymous said...

Dozer won that round - not even close! Anyone taking bets on the final outcome of the match?! Woof, Tank

Puglette said...

what a cute video! i love the toss in the air...very stylish! the pugs would rip off the labels and eat them. dozer, you are a cutie!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Cuckoo corgi kid! You never know that a corgi will make into a toy!

Martha Basset said...

Lovely video so nice to see Dozer in real life - so to speak!
Dozer can come play with Martha, as you know, she needs no toys either!
Clearly dogs with great imaginations.
Martha & Bailey xx

Anonymous said...


You gotta love em.

Flower pot toy.....$.50

Entertainment for owner.....priceless.

Totally Timmy said...

Its kinnda like the kid that likes the box better than the present that was in it!

Moco said...

We agree with Totally Timmy. What better fun that keeping your humans on their toes.

ocmist said...

Love all that action! If a pic is worth a hundred words, then a vid must be worth a million! So much fun having a computer that is hooked to high-speed here at the inn so I can watch vid!!! I love my son for lending it to me,so I can see so much more so much faster! I watched your vid a couple of times... Linda (OC's Mom)

Leslie said...

My dog Monty has dozens of toys but he would rather play with plastic bottles anytime! I think he likes the noise they make when he crushes them!

dreameyce said...

Petedge is my best friend when it comes to dog shopping. Makes spoiling dogs SOOOO affordable, since it's wholesale costs. I even co-op orders with a few friends, so we save on shipping.

I don't even want to know how much we spend on dog toys though... just Wubbas alone are a fortune! heehee

Tee said...

I don't know how much the Chief spend on toys but we thinks its quite a fair bit. She's constantly replacing the rubber ball we tend to lose!

But really, we like the plastic bottle best. :)

Licks and Wags

TUffy and teh Dog WOods Pack

Jellybean Soup Company said...

HILARIOUS! It reminds me of what Dax (our Corgi) does to our empty paper towel rolls!

ocmist said...

I'm with you Dozer, Dax and Tee... I LOVE plastic bottles and paper towels/toilet paper cardboard rolls, ANYTHING that crinkles, or rips, or....

You should see what I just did to my sister's squeaky bone! Do you know what makes them squeak... I do NOW! (Mom says she is going to have to sew it up again...) BG