Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Update on Dottie

Unfortunately this morning Dottie could not pee again, a bit of a setback. They took another set of x-rays and everything looked reasonably okay so they believe it is due to swelling from all her procedures yesterday. About mid-morning the vet's office called and announced that Miss Dots had just taken a walk and pee'd. If she can keep this up, she can come home tonight. We're keeping our paws crossed! (Otherwise she will have to stay at the vet/hospital until we can resolve this in one fashion or another.)

Currently Miss Dots is napping happily at the vet's office. I sent her a message to steal everything out of the mini-bar because this is the most expensive hotel she will ever stay in and we might as well take everything we can get our paws on! LOL!


ClassyChassy said...

Plotting crimes? Shame on you!

Moco said...

Good news so far. Paws are crossed and healing vibes are going out at this minute. Don't you know that they keep track of all the mini bar stuff and charge you later. Tell her to stay out of it.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Healing paws...milkbone thoughts, and lots of bellyrubs are being sent through the cyberwaves for Miss Dotty.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Dottie gets to come home soon! And you two Hooligans (especially YOU, Dozer) had better be nice to her too!


Mango said...

Oh, keep that pee coming, Miss Dottie!


ocmist said...

So sorry for the setback, but, as they said, it might have been the swelling, and we are still crossing our paws and Mom is praying. She says that we have a way of wiggling into a person's heart and attaching ourselves, so she knows that you are having your "heart strings pulled right now..." so she is praying for your Mom, too, Dozer. You need to be nice to her AND Dottie. Whimpers and licks for you all. OC, BG & Dott

wally said...

Hi Dots! I am so sorry I have not been visiting enough and I didn't know that you're under the weather. I hope that your stones move on (are they rolling stones?). Get better soon!

wally t.

ps. If you figure out the poo eating thing, let us know. Fortunately there is only one amongst us. In fact, I am grossed out by all things bodily function related.

River said...

We are sending some beagle zen to you, Dottie. Peeing is a good thing! We have a dalmatian with bladder crystals, not nice. Hope you can come home today.

love & wags,

Martha Basset said...

So far so good then - we will keep the paws crossed for now. You are right about it being the most expensive hotel Dottie will ever stay in!!!! Hope she does empty the mini bar!
Hope Dottie comes home soon.
Martha & Bailey xx

Totally Timmy said...

Makes sense that she would be quite swollen after all their digging around. I'm sure she will be just as happy to get home as you will be to have her home. Too bad she can't enjoy her fancy "hotel" too much!