Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pee-Wonderful - Dottie's Mom

The vet called and after three hours on the table they finally got the stone in Dottie's urinary tract to go back up into the bladder which is the best we could hope for. Dottie is staying at the hospital tonight since she is asleep and comfortable. This gives me time to continue shampooing the carpeting because the house smells like an ammonia factory from all of Dots' piddles last night. Dottie gets to come home tomorrow and will be on antibiotics and go onto a special food to break down the rest of her stones.

I called Dottie's previous owner, Betty, who was relieved to hear Dottie made it through everything but told me not to spend too much money on her. Well, how could anyone not spend money on a dog that revels in mealtime, herds her parents around, barks at the moon, jumps like a bunny when she is happy and lives to nap in the sun? The only person who loves Dottie more than me is Betty and since Betty is 87 years old, I am not going to let her beloved dog have anything less than the best care.

Not sure what the bill will be but I will pay it - probably about what Dozer's leg surgery cost. Not exactly sure how I am going to pay it but I will find a way. All the is important is that Dottie gets to lie in the spring sun again.


Tibby said...

I am happy to hear that Dottie is going to be okay, it stinks that things always have to cost so much monies. Peoples shouldn't have to consider that when taking care of the pets they love, but I'm sure it will all work out!
:) Tibby

Totally Timmy said...

Oh what good news. Dottie deserves the best. I hate vet bills too but the pets get fixed up before I do. I had a broken tooth for a year,,Timmy had his fixed right away! Hope she continues to feel better.

Puglette said...

that is such good news about dottie...bless your heart for loving your furry family so much.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

so glad that Dottie girl is better!
You just described our female to a T.

ocmist said...

I'm so glad to hear that Dottie is doing better. It is so hard to know what to do when they get older. I sometimes fret about the decisions I am making and will have to make for my OC. She has had so much trouble this winter, and I really am hoping that she will do better once it warms up.
My thoughts and prayers are with you for wisdom and that things will work out for the best for your little family.

Linda (OC's Mom)

Anonymous said...

That IS good news! I know I wouldn't hesitate to pay enormous vet bills for Jane (don't get any crazy ideas Jane!) because she's a very important part of my little family.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi nancy!
oh i am just getting caught up on posts. i am so glad dottie is doing so well!
she is so lucky to have you!

ClassyChassy said...

Good news! Glad things are looking up for her!

Mango said...

Oh Dottie, please get better. My Beautiful Raja had the bladder stones and the special kibbles really cleared it up, but the kibbles tasted so bad that she almost starved to death. I hope you like it better.


Moco said...

We are so happy to hear that Dottie is doing better. How much is too much? You are the only one who will know. The crazy old bat says that it is only money and better spent on something that gives you great joy than on nonsense, no matter what anyone else thinks.