Friday, February 13, 2009

Shameless Advertising - Because We Can!

Our Aunt Laura is going to be at the Linn County Fairgrounds (Albany, Oregon) tomorrow and Sunday for the AKC All Breed Dog Show, Obedience Trial and Rally Obedience. Unfortunately she is not showing her four chihuahuas (Sparky, Tucker, Molly and Katie) but she is going to have her own little booth/table for her nifty collars. I thought Mum should buy me a bunch of collars so I could change them every day to suit my mood and temprement for that day. Mum said something about something freezing over and we never got much further than that. These are some of the collars. Cooper wants the one with the eggs which seems a little strange to me but I think he is still in Easter mode. I saw one with a pirate motif but Mum nixed that one - she said I am not playing pirate and making Coop and Dottie walk the plank for my own amusement.

So this is my shameless advertising of Aunt Laura's handmade collars. The sad news is that they really only fit small dogs like chihuahuas so they aren't meant for relentlessly huge dogs like Mango. But if you want to stop by I had Mum hyperlink the pictures and the title (I told you I was shameless).


Anonymous said...

Those are some really pretty collars. I don't wear a collar because I'm a nudist but if I did I think I'd want that one that says 'love' becase it's so pretty. I hope your auntie Laura sells a bazillion of them!


dreameyce said...

I saw those and fell in LOVE, but they are too small for my for-some :( I really wanted the ladybug one!