Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost Dog - Maybe You Can Help

Dear Pup Pals,

Our friend Max the Golden Retriever has this on his website and since we never really know who reads our blogs, I asked Max if it would help if I put this in my blog and he said it might. So here is the picture and Max's request. Max said that where they found the dog is a place where people dump dogs which besides being against the law, is particularly cruel. (We know this because Coop was abandoned). So if you know someone who lives in South Carolina and can help, pass the word! Thanks Pup Pals, I knew I could count on you! Love, Dozer (P.S. I am still in solitary, could someone send me a hacksaw please?)

"Hey fellow dog lovers I’m hoping to get your help… We found this little doggie wandering around on the golf course behind our house, obviously lost, and we’re trying to find his home.

Do you know me? He had no collar, of course, and we took him to Max’s vet who confirmed that he has no ID chip either… Based on his smell and filthy fur we believe he has been outside for a least a couple days.

He was found in the area of Pawleys Island/Litchfield, SC area just about noon today (2.17.09)

He has short curly blond fur that’s been cut very short, and weighs about 10lbs. We’re guessing he’s part Shih Tzu and part Poodle and maybe some other “stuff” too. He seems to be a pretty gentle/healthy/happy dog but does appear to suffer from separation anxiety.

We’ve checked with our area vets and rescue/animal control organizations and no one recognizes him or has been contacted looking for him. There are also no ‘lost dog’ signs that we could find in the area.

Please pass this one to anyone you may know in the area who might be able to help locate his home.

Have them contact me at


Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh how sad. I hope that if he was dumped, he is rescued by a loving family.

ocmist said...

I'm nowhere near there, but I will pray for the poor little guy. We've done our share of rescues around here and I'm so glad he found someone who will be sure that he finds a safe place. Linda (OC's mom)

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad!! I hope he finds his people, or a new forever home! I was abandoned too, when I was just a kitten and I was VERY lucky to find a nice man to feed me until I found my forever home here with my Momma.