Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Howie is the Host with the Most

this here is Howie. I hope you and CoopsterMan works it all out. I wish you well. NO worries about the bedwetting, mom's gettin real old these days so she's bound to have sum Depends around here somewhere.Emmypants, bring the food and git here pronto. *puddles of drool forming at Howie's feet as he gazes at photo of Emmitt's loot*I don't know how you got it all without thumbies, but we can go over them details after we eat.- H. Pee


ocmist said...

Oooo... all that food... Does sort of start the drool factory... Mmmm... NO! Like I said before, you MUST stay strong and be loyal to your Mum. We've GOT to have faith in them... I KNOW my Mom is coming home... I WILL believe in her... I WILL!!! OC

the Corgi Girls said...

Haroooo, depends!

M & I