Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stay..No We Must Go!

We received the following from Emmitt the Pug:

emmitt is bummed you are staying home. he says, not him. he is on hiz way to texas to see howie and all the p's.ps he is bringing all the food he can smuggle out of the house.
(see picture of all the stuff emmitt has already snatched for the trip. how did he carry it all!)

And then we heard from our host, Howie Pee Pants:

Oh Hey, I saved you guys an old banana peel and it is getting brown. If you don't hurry up and get here, I'm gonna be forced to eat it. We can't be lettin good food go ta waste.your conservationistic puggypal, Howie Pee
And then Howie sent this as well:

Hey Coopsterman, what time is the pawty arrivin? I haven't told mom you are all comin to the house. It will be a sprize.Your good pal,PeeMan in Texas

Cooper doesn't want to go now because he has never had a sleepover with Howie and he isn't sure if they have enough beds and sometimes he wets his when he is away from home. (Is this a disaster waiting to happen or what?) Anyway, I will talk to Cooper and see what we can arrange.

Obviously we cannot stay here in Oregon when others are counting on us.


Tibby said...

Hi Dozer!
I bet Cooper will be fine! Show him the banana maybe that will convince him!
:) Tibby

Nancy and the fatties said...

DozerBritches, this here is Howie. I hope you and CoopsterMan works it all out. I wish you well. NO worries about the bedwetting, mom's gettin real old these days so she's bound to have sum Depends around here somewhere.
Emmypants, bring the food and git here pronto. *puddles of drool forming at Howie's feet as he gazes at photo of Emmitt's loot*
I don't know how you got it all without thumbies, but we can go over them details after we eat.
- H. Pee

ocmist said...

Howie Pee!!! You are inciting a rebellion!!! Shame on you pups!!! Dozer ought to at least get permission from his Dad before taking off so he won't break his Mum's heart when she gets back to find him gone... After ALL she's done for you. I'll bet Dottie isn't in on this... She, like me, has a little age/wisdom. OC

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer and cooper
if this helps make any decisions for you, that was just the appetizers!
i'z haz lotz mur fud on the way to howie by train. just got back from the tracks with a whole colorado raised buffalo. hiz name is burt and i bought him a ticket. howie, just keep him in your backyard till i get there with the buns and katchup. he should blend into the texas scenery just fine without raising any alarms or eyebrows. i tied your address to his hoof so he should show up in the am.

the Corgi Girls said...

Woah, we can't believe how much food he's got packed already! Efficient he is!

M & I