Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cover Your Eyes - Shield the Children!

First, Cooper is not a Corgi, he is an American Cocker Spaniel. And as such, he should act like a Cocker Spaniel and sleep on his side. I caught him napping on the bed and he was giggling because he was sleeping on his back, just like I do! He said his tummy slid all over and finally settled on his sides and his legs just went where they wanted. He started laughing so hard I thought he would fall off the bed. I do not see what is so humorous! Cooper had me measure how long and wide he is so Howie Pee Pants can measure his parents bed to make sure there is plenty of room for me, Cooper and Emmit. I am not sure if Emmit is bringing friends so Howie, you better make sure you have a spare bed or couch.
Crikey, you could play connect-the-dots on Cooper's tummy. BOL!

Cooper gets bigger when he lies on his back. I finally got him up and made him start packing for Texas. We aren't sure what to take but we think you have to have a cowboy hat to get into the state. Cooper wants to see George Strait's house and meet him. I will have to check with Howie and see if he knows Mr. Strait. Personally, I would like to meet Mrs. Strait because I bet she is the one with the treats.

Yawn...I have to go to bed now..all this planning for our trip to Texas is tiring. Night Howie, we'll be there before you know it.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

emmitt here popping wheelies with joy that you are coming to texas. burt the buffalo is on the way now, so howie will need to pull out the hide a bed. he was supposed to be lunch, but he is so fun, that i have packed extra food to feed him too. he is one of us now... just giant sized.

Moco said...

This whole trip to Texas has me very confused. I was just getting used to that guy with the glasses being your brother when I saw a table full of food. Are you taking all that with you? Are you taking depends so you don't have to stop on the way?
Is Coop going to wake up before he leaves? I am so confused.

Mango said...

Cooper wishes he was a corgi such as yourself I am sure. He is like some amazing jello monster that expands to fill all space available.


the Corgi Girls said...

George Strait! YAY! He has doggies too (aussie cattle dogs we believe!)... so we're sure his house would be a good place to stop by... we bet they have cool dog paraphernalia... and treats!

We recommend packing hats, boots, and belt buckles if ya'll have 'em!

M & I

dreameyce said...

Those stubby things seem to have a BAD influence on Spaniels...... maybe I don't want another Spaniel after all????? ;)

ADORABLE pics! Cooper is *SO* cute!