Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Present from Emmitt - How Did He Wrap It?

There was a knock at the door this morning and a man in a uniform said he had a delivery for us from Emmitt the Pug! I was thrilled and Coop always likes presents, so Mum went outside. This is where it got a little strange. We heard Mum say a bad word and then she started making this squeaking noise. Then Mum came into the house and pulled both Cooper and me into the kitchen and asked us why we had a buffalo on the front lawn at 4:47am in the morning. We told her it was a present from Emmitt - but we didn't mention going to Texas to visit Howie.

Things went from bad to worse and rather quickly if you ask me. Mum called the animal shelter and in case you are wondering, they don't take buffalos. In the meantime Burt ate most of the front garden including the heritage roses. Cooper was so happy to have a new friend that he said we cannot eat Burt. Coop wants to keep him as a pet.

Mum moved Burt to the
back yard and told him and told him to keep quiet. Then she went inside and called 411 to find out where Emmitt lives so she can get his address to send Burt back. Fortunately the operator hung up on Mum after they told her she was a loon.

Thanks Emmitt, we'll keep Burt fat and happy until we see you!

This was the note attached to Burt:
Hi Dozer and Coop:

if this helps make any decisions for you, that was just the appetizers! i'z haz lotz mur fud on the way to howie by train. just got back from the tracks with a whole colorado raised buffalo. hiz name is burt and i bought him a ticket. howie, just keep him in your backyard till i get there with the buns and katchup. he should blend into the texas scenery just fine without raising any alarms or eyebrows. i tied your address to his hoof so he should show up in the am. xo emmitt


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer and coop!
oh my goodness! burt was so excited to see you that he went to TX by way of OR! he emailed me to tell me he was going to pick you up to make sure you joined us at howie's!

isn't he thoughtful?! yep, nope, we cannot eat him, we must takes gud care of him. he sez he is green transportation. he does not need gasoline to get you to tx. just feed him grass and hop on. he makes his own gas for free.


see you 3 in tx!

the Corgi Girls said...

Burt... as in Burt Bacharach Buffalo?!?! Oh he has a wonderful name... we kinda agree with Coop, we'd keep him as a pal for a while... let alone, where do you affix postage on something like that to ship him?!

M & I

Nancy and the fatties said...

Emmy, are you sure we can't eat Burt? He smells delishush! I've got him here in the back yard so when I run out the doggy door I can pee on his leg so he will feel right at home. Dozer and Cooper, make room on that big bed, we're leaving Burt outside so I don't gotta share the pillow.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh, um, ahem, hey Doze and Coopster it's me Howie again. Mom's gone to bed so I took over the 'puter. And I got just one more question - don't you guys think it's really twilight zoney kinda STRANGE that our moms have the SAME NAME and our moms are BOTH WEIRD???? *creepy music playing in background* Do you think maybe we got the SAME MOMS!!!!????