Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Memory of Those Who Left Us in 2008

A lot of our dear toys did not make it to the end of the year with us. Mum says there are so many that she is not taking a picture of each of them and now they have to get recycled. So we decided to show the first to be de-stuffed and de-stroyed of the year and the last.
Mr. Squirrel was a good friend with limited stuffing. He fought the good fight but his size worked against him because he fit so nicely in the mouth. I tore him apart and Cooper licked his fur off (what's with that?). We kept him in the toy box long after he left us as reminder of the little forest animals that are just waiting to be de-stuffed.
Mr. Santa Ball was our last friend to move onto Stuffie Heaven. While he was with us for just a short time, he provided much entertainment and amusement. I thought I did a particularly artistic job of tearing off his smiling mouth so now he has the silent scream forever on his lips...or whatever is left of them.

This ends our short but colorful look at 2008. Mum says we have to list some of the good things of 2008 and our resolutions for 2009.

Dozer Edwards:
I am thankful for my family and all my chewies. I could do with a few less siblings but all things considered, they are not too terribly bad. Annoying but not bad. I am thankful for my parents having my leg fixed even if they used all the Christmas money to do it.

I am thankful for all my bloggy friends I have met on-line. I am not going to name them because I might leave someone out and then I would feel bad. So Howie PeePants in Texas don't frown 'cause I didn't point you out.

In 2009 I will be nicer to Cooper and not pretend I am yawning and sneak a growl in. I will be nicer to Dottie and not ignore her. I will try and share more. I will continue to blog with abandon!

Cooper Edwards:

As always I am so thankful for my family that rescued me and loves me. In particular, I love Mum because she gives me back rubs on the bed.

I am thankful for my brother and sister. Even though Dozer is very self-centered and rude at times, he does make me laugh. I am thankful for Dottie because she defines grace and silent love. I am thankful for two meals a day, all my vet appointments and toys.

In 2009 I will take more walks and lose the muffin top I have developed around my middle. I will try to be patient with Dozer. I will try and stay away from the burr bush so my fur stays un-matted.

Dottie Edwards:

I am thankful I was adopted by my new parents. I am thankful that Mum takes me back to visit my old owner, Betty. These "open" adoptions are good for the soul. I am thankful for food, shelter and unconditional love, even when I eat poop.

In 2009 I will take more walks and try to go a little bit further each time. I will try and eat less poop and not bark at 5:20am when I want to come inside after breakfast. I will try and put up with Dozer.
I will continue to be Cooper's friend.

We wish one and all a Happy New Year. We have all so enjoyed meeting our new friends and reading your adventures. You are not strangers, just friends we have not met in person. May you have good health and good things in the coming months.

(Dozer's Mum)


K27Blogs said...

Hi Cooper, Dozer & Dottie!
You guys did a great job destroying those toys! I especially like what you did to Santa Ball's face! Those are some great resolutions and things to be thankful for! I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for all of you!

(( K@Y )) said...

Wishing your family, friends and you a sweet 2009!

Interesting post you got there.

Saint Lover said...

We have alot of stuffies that have gone to the big toybox in the sky too! 2008 has been most

Happy New Year!

River said...

Happy New Year! I hope you get lots of stuffies this year and, oh, yeah, that everyone will be healthy.

love & wags,

Moco said...

You did one good job on those stuffies. You should be very proud of yourself.
Happy New Year to you guys. We are looking forward to more adventures with you.

Puglette said...

what a nice post! i love your new header, it's so cute and creative!
have a happy new year,

ocmist said...
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ocmist said...

My kids have a habit of chewing on stuffies, too, so Mom won't get them very often around here. They sure do a job on our Chihuahua mix friend's stuffies, though. We go to Mimi's a lot (Mom's sister) and Dott and B.G. just LOVE eating Kisses and Dolly's stuffies and sqeakies. We've had some "snowy" finds when we've gotten back to her house, and then Mom has to go out and buy them some new ones.

Mimi gets a lot of theirs from rummage sales, and she still has a special stuffie for each of her "babies" that have taken the Rainbow Bridge to Doggy Heaven.

Mom gets us all kinds of chew bones and other things to chew as she's not really partial to "shoveling snow..."

So neat to hear your gratefulness for the special things that you've experienced this past year. We are truly lucky dogs to have good pawrents that love us... Mom's always saying she wouldn't mind having my life...

Have a Happy New Year !!! O.C.

Joan said...

What a very SILLY and WONDERFUL Post all at the same time. I was ROFL at the de-stuffed stuffies! Simply funny!

Skippy feels the very same way as Dozer does about her siblings too..she could do with less! (Especially THAT cat of ours!)

Skippy & Joan

Jellybean Soup Company said...

LOL- I LOVE the pictures of the toys! Ah- Dax's stuffed critters usually last about half an hour, and then they're done for!