Sunday, December 28, 2008

Facial Issues - Notes from Cooper

Is it me or does Dozer need to see a doctor? It looks like he has enlarged, black pores. I mean look at those spots! You could fall in and get lost in there (BOL!). And each of those craters has this giga-normous hair growing out of it.And he wonders why he isn't getting any dates? No mystery to this Cocker Spaniel! BOL! What? What's that Mummy? Those are whisker holes and the big ol' hairs are his whiskers? Well, maybe we can dye them or something. Or play connect-the-dots (BOL!)

Mum says no more joking about Dozer when he is sound asleep and can't defend himself. So all I can do is say good-night.
It is any one's guess what sort of Corgi dreams are running around in there...


Joan said...

***Excitedly Waving Paws*** Hi Dozer! Hi Coop! We just HAD to stop by your blog to introduce ourselves! I'm Skippy the pug - and we are friends with Nancy and her Panster Pugs over there at "Outside the Lines". We just read your post reply regarding "Santa Gets Even With Howie"....and OH MY GOODNESS....WE WERE IN TEARS reading what you wrote!!!(Dozer is under the bed giggling and Cooper had to go outside because he wet his peepants. I am sure they are sympathetic to your plight (just a moment, I need to go compose myself before I start crying again - out of sympathy of course! I would never, ever laugh about such a costume!). The whole entry was so FUNNY!! We about lost it. Anyway, we just had to stop by and meet you!
Have a wonderful day,
Pug Hugs,
Skippy & Joan

The FOUR Musketeers said...

BOL ! Those pores looks biggie ! Sure need to close those pores ! haha

Saint Lover said...

hahahaha! i choose for the connect the dots option!

ocmist said...
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ocmist said...

Hey, Cooper... Do you realize that by posting that stuff in your blog that Dozer will be able to read it... Better watch it... Corgis don't always get "mad," but they do GET EVEN!!! Better watch your feathers!!!


K27Blogs said...

Hi Dozer and Cooper!
I saw you on DWB and wanted to stop in and say hello! I hope we can become friends!