Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog Gone it Birthday Card - Dozer's Notes

I helped Mum make this card for Auntie Laura's birthday this coming Friday. Auntie Laura has four Chihuahua's (Tucker, Sparky, Katie, and Molly). So I told Mum that a dog-themed card would be the order of the day but that she could not post this entry until Wednesday when we will be celebrating Auntie Laura's big day. Not that I don't trust Auntie Laura, but she does check the Internet at lunchtime and she might stumble upon my blog and then she would see what I made her. We bought her a cute little scrapbook she can make for her pups and Mum said she will wrap it in the gift wrap she made with pictures of us. I will have Mum scan some so you can see how handsome I am on paper. What can I say? I have permanent eyeliner and a's a gift! ~ Dozer

P.S. I decided not to wait to post this and we will hope Auntie Laura doesn't spot it.


Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Dozer!

Sorry for not visiting your blog for so long...that card looks absolutely FANTASTIC! Your Mom did a great job with it...I'm sure your Auntie Laura would LOVE it! =)

Hope you have a great day!


Saint Lover said...

Dozer you are sooo crafy! I think your auntie Laura is going to LOVE it! I know I would. I just adore paw. Well done!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dozer, that's a great card, but I think I smell *sniff sniff* Freetoes!!!
heh heh,
your good pal,
Pee The Fartlet

Heidi said...

When searching online to see if the corgis are walking in the 2008 Corvallis holiday parade, we came upon your blog and saw our corgi in his cart from last year posted on your site. Do you know if the corgis are going to be in the parade this year? You can contact me via e-mail - Thanks! Heidi