Sunday, November 23, 2008

Die Little Sheep, Die!

For reasons we are not quite sure of, Dozer decided during the OSU Beaver and Arizona football game to begin the de-stuffing of his treasured Lamb toy..yesh, the one they said was nearly indestructable. It lasted a long time before its fluff started disappearing. And Dozer is supposed to be having "cage rest" because of his knee surgery - I bet he'll pay big bucks for Dr. B not to see this video! BOL!

I love being in charge of the blog, I finally get to be top dog! Love, Cooper


Sparky said...


Ah, I see Dozer must be enjoying the de-stuffing business... That is a very cool lamb toy...


River said...

It's all right there, the proof! Dozer must be feeling better to be so active.

love & wags,

Puglette said...

good job of de-stuffing! nice work.

Mango said...

Maybe Dozer got cage madness from all his resting up. Shame he ate the sheep.


Saint Lover said...

Go get him Dozer! You should submit that video to licked toys! :)