Monday, September 22, 2008

We Can't Wait!

Tomorrow and the next day there is a great benefit sale for one of the blogs we read every morning. Well, actually Mum reads it out loud to us. The first one we read is about Stephanie and Christian who were in a terrible airplane crash and fire (click to read). Steph's sister, Courtney, has a blog that she keeps everyone updated on. She also has a son who she refers to as "The Chief" which we find hilarious. Anywhooo, Courtney writes a nifty blog and even though she is in the land of You-Tah (Utah), we feel like she is a good friend. We keep Miz Steph and Mister Christian in our prayers for healing from their terrible burns. And of course we keep Miz C in our prayer 'cause she is taking care of Steph and Christian's children. And let's not forget the in-laws, out-laws and the rest of the family who have stepped. Soooo, there is this benefit sale and one of the items is a doll of Stephanie and it looks just like her!

I ask the jury to compare the two pictures and tell me if I am not right. I am a Corgi after all and we are always right. We are making Mum attend the sale (click to visit) because we are sure there is something we don't even know we need and will have to purchase. Of course Mum can just send money right in but this is kind of fun too.

The other blog we read every morning is Scott and Carol Decker's blog (click to read). Again, another testimony to resilience of people in the face of incredible adversity. Carol was just going into the hospital have her second daughter and everything went south (as Mum would say). Carol is now blind and has had to have her left hand and both legs amputated due to incredible complications for pneumonia that went out of control. Now that all sounds terrible but as Mum pointed out to us, never in any entry (not a one) do you hear "Why me" or "Why us?". Nary a note of downheartedness, not a sliver of "this is not fair". We aren't sure what Scott does for a job but he has a big source of energy and faith. And Mrs. Decker (his Mum) is right there in the trenches too and we suspect she is a big source of strength.

Anyway, Mum reads these blogs to us every morning to remind us that it is "not all about us" (I think not!) and to remember to keep Carol, Stephanie, Courtney and Christian and all their families in our morning prayers. And of course this is distressing because I have had to move my treat requests down the list and I am not sure God will see them. Mum says God doesn't need to be wastin' His time on my treat requests. (I think He might be interested). Be sure to check out both blogs and the benefit sale (click below).


River said...

We will check out the blogs. My mom also loves reading about how people survive and appreciate life. We only have this one!!

love & wags,

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Dozer and Coop: Mommy has been keeping up with Stephanie and Christian's blog, too, but did not know about the other family. Thank you for sharing these with us!
your pals in Texas,
Howard, Annie, Java and the secretary

Moco said...

That doll looks just like that lady. We will have to check out the benefit sale.
Cooper should have come to see us when he went to Portland. We would have made room for him. Come by and make a guess on my gotcha day contest.