Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Die Little Candy Cane, Die!

Things have been pretty quiet here at the Edwards' Corgi Rest and Relaxation Ranch so I thought it was time to mix it up a little(!) I checked out Licked Toys and lo and behold, they need submissions. You don't have to ask me twice. I went into our toy bin and found an old Christmas Candy Cane from last year that definitely seemed like it wanted to contribute to the well being of Licked Toys. I could not get Cooper or Dottie interested in helping me. Which shows you why I am in charge of the blog and not them. If they had their way we would be napping 24/7. But I digress.
I removed the Candy Cane from its haven in the toy bin and gave it the quick once over to check for openings and found a rather nice one.

I pulled out some of the red flannel whilst holding down the Cane in case it tried to make a run for it.

Again using paw action I continued to "de-stuff" the Cane until it cried "Uncle"

I found biting it i the middle worked exceptionally well in keeping the Cane in a submissive pose.

Mum held the Cane while I took one last lunge at it. Note that Mummy very nicely made my eyes red for this photo. I call it my "Devil Dog" pose. Strikes fear into your heart doesn't it? It apparently has no effect on Coop and Dots, they slept through the whole adventure.

Mum has emailed my pictures to and hopefully they will see fit to publish me. It's almost embarrassing how photogenic and winsome I am on the Net. If I play my cards right I might be able to write a book on de-stuffing, de-fluffing and de-light...then maybe a book tour, interview with Katie Couric, article in Vanity Fair,...maybe even the "face" of Covergirl make-up (hey check out my eyes, they have black eyeliner on all the time, came with the suit).
Time for bed so I will head to my dog-cave under the bed where I keep all my treasures - Kleenex, socks, balls, Nylabone, pillow and shoelaces.


Peanut said...

You have some red devil eyes going on there buddy.

the Corgi Girls said...

We especially enjoy the pic of your devil eyes... they match the red candy cane nicely!

M & I