Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, We Can Catch Up!

It seems like forever since Mum let us on the computer so there is a lot to tell but I will keep it short so as not to bore my audience.

Mum took Cooper to Portland last weekend to see Aunt Delight and Uncle Dick. Our cousin Tori, who is 15 years old was there and once again proved that power napping is not for the weak of heart. She is full of vim and vigor and still does a one mile walk each day. Of course she still hates other dogs but she tolerates Cooper. Me? She really cannot stand me so I rarely visit if only to live a long and healthy life!

Cooper said the food was good and there were plenty of treats. He wasn't sure what bowls he was supposed to eat out of, so he ate out of all of them. Smart boy.

Cooper quickly realized that Aunt Delight was a highway to the food and he kept her company in the kitchen a lot. Unfortunately Aunt Delight is not easily prodded into releasing treats so Cooper had to turn on the cute and ratch it up quite a bit.

When Coop got home he gave us all the details and it sounded like a good trip. He was tired though because he said Mum hogged most of the bed and he had to keep fighting for covers.
On Tuesday, September 16th, Mum and Cousin Anthony took Dad out for his 67th birthday - hard to believe he is that old when he still acts like a second grader. And I cannot believe they did not take us along - what kind of family outing is it without the children? Not much of one if you ask me.

This is the really cool oven at the restaurant that they bake pizzas and other things in. See the face? I thought you probably had. Anyway, everyone had a nice dinner and came home and gave us treats for being left out. Well, ya!
More later...

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Aniemother said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! I agree that they should have taken you along, but at least you got treats. And that's one cool oven!