Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Week for Mum

Mum has been really busy this week and fallen completely down on the job of keeping our blog current. We are not sure where her priorities are but wherever they are, they're in the wrong place!

Mum did set September 20th as our dog party at the house. Aunty Elaine and Aunty Joan are coming with their canines in the afternoon and we will all play in the yard. Dad isn't all that enamored of the idea but it will grow on him.

Mum found this nifty video mentioned on another blog and it shows how dogs really drink water in slow motion. The Food Bowl looks like a cool website too.

I told Mum she had to at least put one photo up with this entry so folks remember how good looking I am. I have to keep my fans satisfied!

I love to sunbathe in the afternoons, it keeps my color up!


Sweepy said...

Just sniffing by and enjoying it. The few times I can actually visit and bark too!

Peanut said...

that video of the dog drinking was cool. that party sounds neat. tell your mother to get blogging.

Mango said...

OK, so at least now I won't forget what you look like while your mom is all lazy and everything. Nothing like a good bake by the pool.


Moco said...

Hey, where in Oregon do you live? I live in St. Helens and Peanut is my nephew.