Monday, September 8, 2008

We got a new friend

Mum was reading the comments on our blog out loud 'cause I can't read very well, and there was a new one from a dog named Dakota who lives in Maryland. Mum says that is on the East Coast of the United States so Dakota is as far away as Howie. Anyway, Dakota gave us this nifty gift (see right) which made us very happy. We dogs are just shallow enough to appreciate tokens of esteem and presents - of course treats are nice too! So we added Dakota to our list of blogs we have to visit daily. I like Dakota's eyes, they are very soulful and a really neat color. I went and looked in the mirror for a long time but I don't think my eyes are quite that interesting. I will have to find out how Dakota got those eyes.
Coop and I discussed awarding Dakota our coveted and home-made blog award and it was a unanimous vote that Dakota receive the award. Dottie couldn't vote as she was indisposed because she is still fartin' carrots all over the yard and house. Mum keeps gasping and rolling her eyes - who knew Dottie could hold that much gas? Not me. Anyway, Dakota is a very good writer and we think she should get the award. We have had a long day so Mum says it is time to get our woobie toys and go to bed. So good-night Dakota, and Howie, River, Wally, Mango and Peanut, and the Corgi Girls in the Lounge and Preppy Pugs and anyone else I forgot.


Willow the Black Dale said...

Isn't it cool when you get new friends???? We are so glad you put this award up. We lost ours that you gave to us. Now mom is going to put it back up on our bloggy. She is better today. Oh and I didn't get into too much trouble yesterday.


River said...

We'll have to look at Dakota's blog. Congratulations on your BFF award! You might be able to use it to buy food.

love & wags,

Mango said...

Carrot farts... you don't say.

Good work on your award. Maybe you could buy some matches and light those farts :-)


Nancy and the fatties said...

mmmm. carrot farts make my mouth water.
yer pal,

Peanut said...

New friends are great. Hope your night was a good one.

Dakota said...

Oh, I am so honored!!! Your blog is such fun, I just had to let everyone know. Thank you for your 'Good Dog Blog' award. I'll post it proudly!!!