Sunday, August 17, 2008

Message For Mango

Mango wrote:I want to know how they checked your wee without you noticing. I mean, come on little dude, that cheese whiz can't be that fascinating.Sorry you got the yeast. I get that too. Stinky. Plus lots of ear cleanings ugh.Hope you pass your exam. Slobbers,Mango

Mango, When I was at the vet, I went in the back and all the ladies wanted a piece of me. I mean, I may be short and shed a lot, but I know how to keep the ladies happy, if you get my drift. Anyway, the nice vet tech said "Let's take a walk" and I thought, "Why not?"

Well, let me tell you big guy, they got pee mail around that building that makes the United States Postal Service look like an amature operation! There were Poodle puddles, Mastiff meanderings, some Yorkie left a rant on having to wear pink and of course the usual "Call me" notes.

So, I'm out there checking the messages and had to leave a note of my own. Next I know, this vet tech whips out a ladle and catches my wee wee before it can hit the bush. I'm thinking this is one strange lady but hey, if it makes her happy, I can always make more. Right? I thought the vet tech wanted my wee as a remembrance of me, but apparently she had a plan to test it but failed to share that part with me. I figured it must be part of the "value added service" that the vet's office gives. I think the Cheese Whiz is more than enough service myself, but it seems to keep the pawrents happy spending lots of money to check my plumbing.

Mum isn't falling for the "I may be really, really sick" looks I keep throwing her way. She said crystals in the wee wee do not a sick Corgi make. Sounds like one of the stupid proverbs Mothers make up so they don't have to get out of their chair to get a treat for a starving dog!

Check out the soulful eyes, the gentle downturn of my mouth. If this doesn't elicit some extra treats then I am going to have to resort to more aggressive tactics.

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River said...

Did it work? My mom thinks you look more pitiful than a beagle! How could a dogmom resist??