Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Pathetic Day

I was all packed and ready to head to Texas with Willow to save Howie from his prison, but then Mum decided I needed to go to the vet. I didn't see it on the calendar, how could she just decide this on her own? Apparently there was some booster shot that over due by a week. (A week? Who cares about a week? Now 6 months, that is an overdue booster shot!). And Mom made this appointment Friday and never told me. I had no time to prepare myself, have a wash, check my breath or anything! Does that woman never consider my needs?

So, off we go in the dogmobile to see my lady friends at Ark Veterinary Hospital in Philomath. We checked in and immediately the love begins. Lots of pets, tons of "he's soooo cute!", and some definite winks at my good looks.

We went to my favorite exam room which has the exam table that goes up and down from the floor. Like a silver elevator! The nice veterinary assistant took me into the back for a blood draw and my vaccine shot. All Mum could hear was hysterical laughter. When they brought me back Dr. B said I was a starving Corgi because I tried to eat everything from the plastic sheath on the thermometer to jumping up to see what was on the counter. Well, duh! Unfortunately when they weighed me I came in at 33 pounds, which is my fighting weight. So feigning starvation didn't work.

Dr. B found some yeast in my right ear which is always a troublesome issue. With the hot weather and humidity, it is not a surprise. Normally I wouldn't want anyone messin' about my ear, but Dr. B is another matter. What a lovely and deeply sensitive woman she is. No doubt everyone else at the Ark looks to her as a piller of veterinary skill. And as long as she keeps making me Cheese Whiz sandwiches, I will continue to spread more complimentary comments around the Web and I will remain her devoted boy.

After having my ear cleaned, Mum made an appointment for my yearly teeth cleaning on September 2nd. As long as Dr. B is in my mouth, I have no issues.

After we got home the office called and said I have crystals in my wee wee. How did they get there? I demand a re-test! No one told me I was having a test on my wee wee, if I had known I would have studied! Mum has to get some of my wee first thing in the morning and get it to the vet within an hour and a half (good luck on that one) so they can check it again. I may see if I can negotiate for some Cheese Whiz - give me a can of cheese-in-can, I'll give you as much wee wee as you can carry.

Howie, sorry I can't come rescue you right now, I have to go study for my wee wee exams.


Willow the Black Dale said...

No say it isn't so. Crystals in your wee wee?? Did you swallow them? When you take your tes, do you get tested on all the kinds of crystals there are in the world. If you need help I will send you a cheat sheet.

I am still worried about Fartin-Howie. He must still be solitary confinement. Oh what are we going to do. We need to come up with a tactical plan.

Hmmmm I heard that I have to go see my vet next week. I have had a pee pee infection for a week. Dr. Jeff said I have to come in for a pee pee checked to make sure there is no more cookies in my pee pee. We'll keep you updated.


Saint Lover said...

That reminds me I need to schedule teeth cleaning appointments for my gang too. A couple of them REALLY need it!

River said...

Thanks you for your kind thoughts on my mom. She is home and resting now. I hope you get to go save Howie. He should be okay until then right?

love & wags,

the Corgi Girls said...

Looks like you have a great vet, we don't get spray cheese at ours!!! Sorry to hear of your crystals... are they diamonds?

M & I

Peanut said...

Good luck on the wee wee exam. Vet visits aren't fun but maybe if I got to see your vet it would be okay

Mango said...

I want to know how they checked your wee without you noticing. I mean, come on little dude, that cheese whiz can't be that fascinating.

Sorry you got the yeast. I get that too. Stinky. Plus lots of ear cleanings ugh.

Hope you pass your exam.