Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Mum is not happy with me. She was making her lunch and when she turned to put the bread back in the fridge, I jumped up and grabbed the two pieces of bread on counter she was going to make her sandwich out of. I wolfed them down and moved out of the firing range before she could even say anything. She finally said something to the effect that I am in "a world of trouble" and then she took my picture for a wanted poster or something. If she fed us more this issue would not come up. I think the "trouble" is the lack of food in our bowls and she has brought this all on herself.

Dottie and Coop didn't even get a crumb, although Coop continues to look.


the Corgi Girls said...

BOL!!! Dozer, you're quick, like ninja!!!!

We've never snarfed something from the counter... but we definitely know how to get into the fridge... oh yes... we even have a special drawer in the fridge where our dinner is kept... but you really have to search around that cold box, there are all sorts of goodies to be had in there!

Will your picture be on milk cartons and in the post office now? We'll have to look for you, our infamous pal!

M & I

Mango said...

Dexter here!
I am also on a starvation diet lest I get the dreaded labrafat! It is just awful. You look so skinny. I am calling the animal cops!


Peanut said...

I do that but I don't have to jump I just walk by and snatch. I agree that it is lack of food that makes us do this