Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scored Some Chewies

My plan to increase my food intake is working and I have the wheels in motion of my diabolical dynamics to guilt my bipeds into feeding us more, particularly me. Dad gave me extra kibble last night but the minute Mum came home I let her know I was starving. I kept jumping around like a two year old on amphetamines and being obnoxious, which I excel at.

Finally in total desperation, Mum gave us our dental chewies and I was in the living room have a chew party like no one's business! Dottie finished hers first and got a second one because her first chewie was small. Cooper took forever to get his done because he likes to savor and lick them until they are soft and pliable. I just go at it full bore and just get it to the point where it will go down the gullet without screwing up my anatomy.

It was really, really hot yesterday (not as hot as Arizona, but hot for Oregon). We kept wanting to go outside but then when we got there, it was too hot to play. Mum and Dad were going to grill burgers and veggies for dinner but decided it was too hot to do that. They went off to a baseball game for a couple of hours (Ritchey's Market versus Post 9 - American Legion Baseball - great small town entertainment!). We hung out at home and enjoyed the air conditioning. We are really hoping that Mum and Dad don't have to cut back on the air conditioning with the gas prices. Seems like the prices for everything are going through the roof, fortunately kibble is holding strong at $38 for 20lbs of Canidae. Not sure what Mum plans to do if that goes higher.

Mummy gets up at 5:30am every morning and we go outside and play ball QUIETLY so we don't bark and wake the neighbors. It is cooler then and we don't get overheated. Dottie cruises the backyard looking for poo to eat (yeech!) and Coop cruises the yard eating grass. Then we have breakfast, our pills and half a carrot or apple each. Mum says we need to think of the animals in shelters who don't get what we get. Cooper told us about his time in the slammer - it wasn't fun. He said they have cold concrete floors and no beds and only get fed once a day. I told Mum we should get some toys to take to Heartland (no kill shelter) and we are going to do that this weekend.

Time for my morning nap, (yawn).


the Corgi Girls said...

We LOVE snacks! They sound great!

What a good idea of you guys to donate to the shelter too... there's a county shelter here that is no-kill and we donate old blankets, sheets, and towels all the time... they say they really appreciate it! Can you imagine if those pups had some toys to play with in the mean time until they find their forever homes? That would definitely put smiles on their faces!

You guys are so caring!

Hope you stay cool, you should tell your mum to give you some ice cubes to chew on to cool off... they're low-calorie, BOL!


M & I

Peanut said...

we haven't been walked in forever because mom says it is never cool enough for me. We don't even get to play in the backyard much. She has been throwing the ball more in the house though.
Take lots of toys to the shelter