Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas is Coming, Send Us Chukars!

We just found out that Pat Wray (below) is an author on how to hunt and kill chukars. We aren't sure what chukars are per se, but if they have feathers and wings, they sound tasty. So we decided we would put a link to his book here on our blog and perhaps Mr. Wray will send us some of those chukars. No need to de-feather as such, we can handle that here at home. Of course Mum will be slightly peeved if she comes in from work and the house is full of feathers, but a present is a present and we will have eaten the evidence before she rolls in.

And speaking of Christmastide, Mum finally got around to getting a Christmas card organized! Both Coop and I have been posing all over the place and Mum was not catching the hint at all! Finally I got the calendar down for Coop to chew on and Mum caught the hint. She went to Shutterfly (the photoshop of choice for Dogster groupies) and ordered a bizillion cards with my picture on it! How cool is that? Cooper doesn't really care because Mum also created a collage poster of us and he got to star in that. Check out our card below. Mum did a pretty good job if I say so myself.


Lacy said...

woofies Dozer and Coop, dat a bute ti ful christmas carwd u mama made...

b safe,

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, Doz, you wear antlers well handsome friend!