Sunday, December 2, 2007

Softest Paws in the West

Mum took this picture of Coop's paws this afternoon. He fell asleep in front of the electric fire and was making z's so she got a quick snap. Cooper does not like posing for the camera like moi; he must have had a bad experience somewhere along the line with a flash attachment. But Mummy loves his paws and the soft fur he cultivates there. Naturally as a Corgi, and a working dog, I can't be messing with groomers and having my hair done like the Coop does. But I guess it does look pretty soft.


Peanut said...

I think those paws look incredibly soft. Hey my mom and Dad are from Oregon and I was just there visiting in August. I thought it was a pretty cool place. Mom wants to move back when Dad gets out of the army.

Colleen and Izzie said...

Hey Cousin! Your paws look a LOT like mine! Especially when mama lets my fur grow in instead of keeping me in a crew cut! I guess it's the Cocker Spaniel in me, which is why I called you cousin! (I also call Pomeranians cousins, too since I got that in me, too). Anyway, I'd love to invite you to my blog at

the Corgi Girls said...

They are big (compared to ours, BOL) and so so fluffy! They look soft! That would be great for sneaking around, we bet it muffles the sound of your paw steps!