Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pool is open, everyone come in!

Mum finally got my pool out of shed and filled it with water utilizing the evil water hose which must be attacked at all costs! I do not know what the evil water hose does when it is not on but it must hide in some dark, dusty, evil place. For that and many more reasons, I always go slightly ballistic when Mum turns on the hose. Cooper, he doesn't care for water so he ignores the evil water hose. He has no idea how many times I have saved his life. Ungrateful wretch!

Checking out the evil water hose

I took a brief break to catch my breath.

Keeping an eye on the hose, it seems to move on its own.

Always keep a firm grip on the hose lest it get away.

Never take your eyes off of the hose, it cannot be trusted.

Nice action shot eh? Mum does have her uses.

Take that you evil hose! Nice teeth yes?

I feel barking adds to the experience. Mum unfortunately does not agree. Go figure.

Today the evil water hose, tomorrow the lawn mower!

Love, Dozer and his brother, Cooper


Molly The Wally said...

Kill it, it's evil , it is a water snake! Have a great Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Mango said...

You are such a brave little corgi. I can't believe that your quest to keep the water hose from taking over the estate is unnoticed by Coop. It looks like it was a near thing there but your toofers of doom scared the hose into submission.

Now, about that pool. Do I need to send your mom a calendar reminder next year? Summer is halfway over and you are only now getting your chilling pool filled up? Unacceptable!