Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Incredible News!

Mum got this note on Facebook this morning. Dottie has gone...well dottie over it! We also got a note on Facebook from a lovely lady who has Dottie's daughter JoJo! Isn't this incredible? (That's JoJo below). Cooper says it is wonderful that Dottie won best puppy in Canada and she was the first Cardigan to do it. Mum is going to organize a meet and greet so Dottie can see her family again which would be a good thing since Mum has gone all misty eyed about this.

Hello Dottie,

I was showing Emily Rose a photo of you today. I just found out that when you won Best Puppy In Show up in Canada in 1997, you were the first Cardigan Welsh Corgi to ever do that! When Emily saw your photo of you at 6 months old, she recognized you and told me where you are. I'm so happy that you have a loving home and two little brothers. I have thought of you often and wondered where you are. I live in Jefferson now. Maybe I could come and see you if your mommy will let me. I love you Dottie.

Your other mother,

Dana Wellock


Pearl said...

Ohhh I just LOVE that! How wonderful!!!!

dreameyce said...

Dottie was easily recognizable- she may be gray, but she's still just as beautiful!

We always knew she was special, and now we know more of why!

ClassyChassy said...

That is too cool!

Kari in WeHo said...

thats just wonderful!

dewdana said...

Awwww! Very sweet and pretty amazing too! FB is an awesome thing, no?

River said...

This is what FB is supposed to do! Even if my mom finds it more annoying than not--you can still find long lost relatives!

love & wags,

Mango said...

Way to go! I am happy to see a corgi with a tail winning. The judges usually favor those Pembroke corgi dogs.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh nancy!
what a wonderful story! this just brought a happy tear to my eye!
m & e