Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best - Dozer

Mum let me open my package from Emmitt this morning and I got a magic button with my picture on it! We read the note and then Mum took a picture for my blog and now we are discussing whether to hang my magic button on my collar or pin it to my cage. Thank you Emmitt and Melissa - you are so thoughtful during my time of confinement.

In an effort for full disclosure and transparency (that sounds grown-up doesn't it?) and because so many of you suggested I was perhaps exaggerating my desperate situation, Mum is making me share the following:

1. I am not starving to death. I am 4 pounds overweight and I cannot exercise right now. I get baby carrots for snackies and dog cookies twice a day, plus meals.

2. I am not locked in the cage most of the time. Mum lets me sit in her chair in the family room or on the floor in the art room. I only get locked up when the vacuum cleaner is on the prowl.

3. Cooper is not poopy-head and has been very nice to me during my surgery time. He slept by my cage when I came home so I would not be lonely.

4. I have gotten to sleep on the bed with Mum and Cooper four 4 nights.

5. My imagination tends to run wild and Mum says this can be most unbecoming.

I would like to say the above was made under extreme duress and does not necessarily reflect the true feelings of the corgi in question.

Now where the he** are my mini-meatloafs?


Moco said...

OMG, what in the world is going on at your house. What kind of stress r u under to so change your outlook on life. This has us all worried.

Mango said...

Don't you worry. I can tell you are under stress. I know that "Cooper is not a poopy-head" is secret code for "Help! I am trapped with Cooper poopy-head and starving to death!"

What is this sleeping on the bed only four nights? I think you have been in jail for totally 372 nights, right?


P.S. Momma says your mom is very silly and must love you a lot. Humph. Must be code for "keep that corgi skinny and behind bars"

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
oh we are so glad you like your button!

you are our hero!

m & e

Dory and the Mama said...

Please check in frequently Dozer as we do not know what to believe now!

Fast Healing Smileys!