Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bassets Need Our Help: Notes from Cooper

No wonder bassets have such long ears - look at this picture! Apparently they wash them and then stretch them out so that they get longer and longer.

The Basset Rescue at Daphneyland needs help. They are behind on their bills and are taking care of bassets that have been surrendered, forgotten or discarded. Mum read about them in Yahoo News (you can read the story here) These are such tough economic times - I told Mum to take my November toy money and send it to the Rescue. Dozer said he wasn't saving anyone but himself but Dottie said she wanted to donate her treat money. Finally after Mum gave Dozer "the look" he caved in and donated his toy money too. Maybe you have a spare dollar or two that you can send along to these nice folks (click here)

Here are some more pictures

Look at this guy with his wheelchair - you go big guy!

How could we not send our toy and treat money to someone like this?

Come and get it!

Oh, this is the one that did it - basset love!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, OK you guys, you made Momma make cutsie noises. The doggie in the wheelchair got to her.....we'll be donating some of our money this month to the bassets. Got the site bookmarked!

Moco said...

So many need help in these times. We are so lucky to have the wonderful homes that we have and should always help others.

Dory and the Mama said...

Thanks for the info Dozer's Mom!


Wild Dingo said...

My dingo Maggie once had a basset for a best buddy... and that one on wheels is cool... kind of like my pal Popeye the Dog, who has no back legs. He uses a dog-on-wheels wheel chair that kicks butt!

thanks for the info on this!
wild dingo