Monday, September 21, 2009

The Verdict from the Hospital

I am finally home from the vet. Mum took me in for my 11am appointment and I made sure to leave a big (some might say “giganormous”) puddle by the front door of the office so everyone would know I had arrived.

I was ushered into one of the private rooms (Mum says all the rooms are private but I think they have a special one for important dogs like me).

"What? What do you mean there is a limit to how much cheese-in-a-can I can have? Who cares if it gives me the farties? That's fine by me, I don't care!"

We hung out with the most able technician who was very free with the “cheese-in-can”. My heart is just fine and my temperature was normal. Then Dr. B finally arrived. I love Dr. B. and she feels the same about moi. She checked out my knees, comparing the two against one another and determined neither of them was in great shape. I put on my most pathetic look for her and I believe she succumbed to my charms once again.

Then I was off to the x-ray department (Mum says it is just a room and not a “department”…. whatever!) and they took magical pictures of my knees and hips. Dr. B and I came back to my private room and looked at the magical pictures with Mum. I take remarkable x-rays and need to talk to Mum about using them for our annual Christmas card.

"Isn't Dr. B just beautiful? See how gentle she is with me? She loves me and I love her. Actually I like her massage technique best and her opposable thumb that let's the cheese-in-a-can out!"

The decision is that Dr. B is going to have an orthopedic surgeon look at the x-rays and then my “films” go to the Oregon State University Veterinary School to see what they suggest. We should know in a couple of days what needs to be done. My left knee that had surgery last year has a giganormous amount of arthritis so Dr. B isn’t sure the same surgery on the right knee is such a hot idea. The right knee is not as “loose” as the left but I am not sure if that is good or bad. Mum says not to worry about it, that is what Dr. B is there for.

"This was a pawtastic couple of hours but now I am ready for my pain meds and a nap. Time to let go of me ladies, I've got more hearts to break and need to keep movin' down the Road of Love."

I am home now and Mum has been to my favorite pet store, Animal Crackers, and gotten us Frosty Paws for dessert tonight. And we get to unwrap Pink baby too!

More news as it breaks (the news, not my knees!)


Janice and Gerald said...

Dozer ~ wish I was there to give you sympathy cuddles ... but it looks like you're getting loads of attention even without my input.

Big Hugs!! Janice & Gerald

Angela said...

Hey Dozer!

Oh I do hope that you don't need surgery!

I also wanted to let you know that you are the final winner of my Pay It Forward! Please email me your mailing address so I can get your surprise in the mail as soon as I get it all crafted!
wv angela @ gmail (dot) com


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Frosty paws makes the entire ordeal worth it!
Sweet drugged dreams dear Dozer!

dreameyce said...

OH NOES! Corgwn are NOT suppose to break themselves!

Hopefully it's not actually something you need surgery for, as that'll help your parents pocketbook! Maybe all you need is good ol' red, and relaxation... a vacation!

ClassyChassy said...

We will pray you do not need surgery - and we are so glad you got frosty paws!!! Delightful!

Mango said...

That cheese in a can sounds yummers. And all that nice massage. I am not such a fan of the x-ray machine since it requires a bit of wrestling with the ladies at the V-E-T.

How can such short leggies cause so much trouble? You just relax and I will keep my paws crossed that you don't need any more splurgery.


Dory and the Mama said...

You may love that Dr. B lots...but I see the way you are lookin ' at your Mama too...;-)

Mama and I are saying healy joint paws and prayers for you Dozer!!!


Hoover said...

Hey Dozer,

I really hope you don't need surgery. I'm gonna tell my human that I need a cute vet and not that old dude. I am scared to go to the vet and I never get cheese-in-a-can! Clearly I've been deprived of the luxuries of life!

I say milk this for all you can and hope for the best recovery.

Hoover BPD

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

We hope you feel better soon.

So what is this cheese-in-a-can stuff? We've never enjoyed it before. Is it something we should bring to the attention of Dr. Jim?

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi dozer!
oh sweetie! i hope your knees are feeling better today!

we will check back in for an update later today.

tell them that corgi legs are well, short and they do not need any operations! :)

m & e

ocmist said...

Wow, it must be really nice to have suce a sweet vet for a friend... and of course, she is a friend if she has cheese-in-a-can!

Mom is praying that you don't have to have any more surgery. Goodness, your Mom's vet bills after Dottie being down, too, much be pretty steep! Arthritis is really the pits, isn't it! I know! Be careful, Dozer! OC