Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday - Not such a good day

Dozer's Mum here. Dozer is going to the vet this morning because we believe he has blown out his right rear knee (you may remember he did his left rear knee almost a year ago to the day). He is not feeling very well but we have him on his pain medication and will get him into see his favorite vets and see if we can schedule surgery or whatever they suggest. We suspect this has been coming on for a bit because he has not been his usual rambunctious self.

On the bright side, we received a package from our good friend Tibby, who resides on the East Coast of the United States. Although Dozer is dying to open the box, we have decided to wait until tonight so we can all sit down together and see what is inside. Could it be something Yes, PINK BABY has come to Oregon to visit Dozer, Dottie and Cooper! Can you believe it? Pink Baby belongs to Miss Kylie who lives in Massachusetts. This traveling stuffie has been to Singapore and visited all sorts of dogs like the Musketeers! We have only a week to show Pink Baby our side of Oregon and even with Dozer's serious injury we will do our best.

Disclaimer: We cannot rise to the level of Tibby with Pink Baby. First off, we cannot sew collars, nor can we make teeny little pancakes for PB. We're not entirely sure what we can do to make this a truly Oregon experience but we will do our best!
Please keep Dozer in your thoughts today as we determine what the best course of action is for his leg.


Pearl said...

Sweet Dozer! I am thinking of you today, buddy. Hoping for the best possible outcome for your poor knee.
And don't you worry about living up to expectations with Pink Baby! I imagine a week with you all doing absolutely NOTHING would still be fun!!

Anonymous said...

WooooF!! I'm so excited to hear Pink Baby made it Safely to your house!! I am sure she will have the BEST time there and she is a real good "Nurse Pink Baby" so she might be able to mend Dozer up real fast!


Moose said...

Best of luck at the VET today Buddy! We are bummed to hear about your 2nd bum knee. 8-(

Moose said...
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Mango said...

We'll be thinking of you. Maybe pink baby has some nursing skills.


Dory and the Mama said...

We are thinking about you too Dozer and praying that all is well!!

I am sure pink baby will help your mama take real good care of you!


ocmist said...

This post is quite late as we are doing catchup reading, but hope Pink Baby had/is having a good visit... OC