Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thunderstorms, Lightening, Oh My!

We do not like thunderstorms and last night there was thunder and lightening. Dozer gets very sketchy about the whole thing. Dottie is blind and deaf so nothing really bothers her and I try and just work with the whole scenario. Mum decided we would play in the living room and take pictures to get our minds off the rain falling outside. Dottie is a good poser and we all know Dozer loves the camera. I put up with a picture or two but enough was enough. It kept Mum busy and when we were done we sat on the couch and watched the rain and lightening. ~ Cooper


JoMo said...

I hope they are settled now...for us it's sirens that send the pets loopy.
I've passed on the "one lovely blog" award to you :)

Martha Basset said...

Probably the only time being blind and deaf is an advantage!
We dont like storms either - hope the weather is nice now.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Tee said...

Hello there Dozer, Dottie and Coop,

Our new dog is mighty terrified of thunderstorms as well. We thinks he's fears the sky falling on his head ... while the rest of us lot (esp. the Fur Kids and Anna - who detest showers) love playing in the rain ...!

Licks and Wags

The Dog WOods Pack

Moco said...

Dozer does look a little stressed, but you and Dottie look like you are weathering it well.

Checkers said...

beautiful pictures

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh we love your photos!
m & e

Totally Timmy said...

My fiance's dog is terrified of thunderstorms so he started using Bach's Rescue Remedy and it seems to help. It's hard to believe Dottie was so sick a little while ago, she looks great and as always the boys are handsome!

wally said...

I hate the stupid thunder and I insist on sitting on my ma ape's lap and shakin' like a leaf. You look very pho-to-genic here.

wally t.