Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring in Oregon - Notes from Cooper

The rumors are true! The sun finally came out! We ran around the yard and then Mum and Dad packed up the van and went for a hike. Unfortunately, because someone who we won't mention (Dozer) misbehaved during the last field trip, we had to stay home. But Mum and Dad took lots of pictures and videos and it was almost like being there. They went to McDowell Forest and it had all that dappled sunlight Mum likes so much. There were lots and lots of waterfalls. Mum said after the first 40 or so pictures of waterfalls she realized that no one really likes to look at that many waterfall pictures. Good thing she uses a digital camera.

Dad took this picture of Mum as she sat on a bridge. I always worry she will fall off but Mum has assured me she has some semblance of balance. Look at that drop of the waterfall! That looks refreshing...which means cold!
Doesn't get much better than this.
The woodpeckers kept busy this year and made Swiss cheese out of this tree.
Mum by the biggest waterfall.
A little fairy waterfall tucked away in the forest.
There's Dad by the waterfall.
This tree has a coat of moss on it because it lives in Oregon. We get a lot of rain, a lot.
The road down from the forest.
Dozer told Dad that he was starving and almost died while he was gone. No one believes Dozer but he did get some one-on-one time.

The rain is supposed to return tomorrow. (sigh).


Mango said...

Witless protection program, huh? Sounds like just the ticket. I will look into it.

Waterfalls are exciting; loud and wet. There are some strange sites in those forests. That mossy tree and swiss cheese tree for example. Such an interesting destination.

Dozer does look a little skinny in that photo. Glad your dad got home before he wasted away.


Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful photos! Momma grew up in Washington and she says it looks a lot like that...she sighed a lot looking at your photos....
Anyway, I'm glad Dozer didn't starve to death while they were gone. I've been in that situation too when Momma works overtime and the food dish is empty, but I can always eat Alice I suppose...even though she's kinda scrawny....


Anonymous said...

Dozer, I think you should file a formal protest at being left behind. That's just not right. And they're not feeding you either? I can help you with the paperwork... we need to get some priorities straight here. Woof, Tank

Nancy and the fatties said...

DozerDog and CooperMan, and DottiePants, this here is Howie. What did you guys git for mother's day? Would you believe I didn't git nothin??? ?We all got mothers, right? So where's the prezzies?
I am gonna come join you fur the witness protection program. They have food there, yes?

ClassyChassy said...

Great photos - enjoyed them very much!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Bet those furkids were all happy when you got back home! Lovely photos...oh my, Oregon looks like a lovely state!

River said...

Interesting tree! We loved the waterfall but looking at that...we had to go outside for a while bol (running water = pee)

Happy Mother's Day to your mom!

love & wags,